The poultry farm started working in 1979. It is situated in the beautiful valley of the Rusenski Lom River just before the Danube River. Birds are grown with lots of love and under very good conditions. Due to the political changes in 1989-1990 and the failure to buy / privatize the Russe's Birds Farm, the farm had to be restructured from parent broiler herds and broilers to poultry for the population and exotic birds.

    The farm from the start to work until 2004 was served by the famous one in the Bulgarian veterinary medicine, professor etc. Marcello Markaryan.

     Since 2006, the farm has focused mainly on the cultivation of birds imported from Indonesia. A farm was set up around Jakarta for breeding of Cemani, Ketawa, Sumatra and Jungle ayam. In 2006, six months the farm owner was in the Kedu area, Java Island, Indonesia, where the Cemani birds originated. He also wrote one of the first book for Cemani birds in Indonesia.

    The farm starts to develop according to the needs of the market in two directions:
- Exotic poultry : - Cemani, Ketawa and Araukana
- Poultry for meet and eggs - Faveroll, Marans, Bielefelde and Dutch Jilling
- We have our own hatchery. Upon prior request, we can offer one-day chickens of 2-4 month. Eggs for broilers are imported from a renowned poultry farm.

    We have a closed production cycle. Our lines are refreshed every year with eggs imported from Indonesia and Germany. The farm will continue to evolve according to the needs of the market and the improvement of parental lines.
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